Internship Information for Supervisors

The School of Business Internship Program provides students with a solid foundation in core business concepts and skills which they are eager to apply within an internship setting.

The flexibility of the internship program allows you to create a learning experience that will best benefit the intern, while exposing them to the everyday, realistic experiences that comprise the workplace today.

Internships for Academic Credit

Students may elect to take an internship for academic credit. If they do, the internship must meet all of the below:

  • The internship must be a minimum of 120 hours throughout the duration of the semester (approximately 10-12 hours per week).
  • The internship must last throughout the entire semester.
  • The intern must have one designated supervisor that will be responsible for providing continual learning experiences for the intern and provide continual feedback on the intern’s performance.
  • Internships may be virtual or on-site.
  • The internship will provide a learning experience that is similar in nature to the classroom learning experience and have a progression of responsibilities and knowledge gained throughout the semester.

Supervisor Responsibilities

When hosting a School of Business intern, the emphasis is to provide a learning experience for the student. The internship supervisor is tasked with the creation of a learning experience throughout the entire semester that will provide a realistic view of the particular workplace as well as utilize the student knowledge and allow for frequent demonstration and addition to the student skill set and career-readiness competencies.

Supervisors are required to complete the Internship Agreement form, which will be provided by the student, a midterm evaluation, and the final intern evaluation, which will be sent to the supervisor by the Internship Coordinator at the end of the semester.  Note: on-site internships may require an additional form detailing health and safety protocols in regard to COVID-19.

Finding Your School of Business Intern

Through collaboration with the Center for Career and Academic Planning (CCAP), the School of Business utilizes Handshake to post all internship positions. Internship positions that are posted need to include the below information:

  • Internship title
  • Number of hours/week the student is expected to work
  • Whether the position is paid or unpaid
  • Internship description
  • Learning outcomes for the intern
  • Qualifications sought in a candidate
  • Application instructions

For more information about opportunities available for employers, including recruiting policies, please visit the Employers page on the CCAP website.

Paid and Unpaid Internship Experiences

The School of Business Internship Program encourages paid internships for all students. If your internship is an unpaid opportunity, it is expected to closely adhere to the Federal Guidelines for Unpaid Internships as defined by the Department of Labor. Review Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act [pdf] for more information.

In the creation of your internship program, you are encouraged to speak to the internship coordinator with any questions you may have about these guidelines.