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Salerno Center for American Enterprise

School of Business

It is not just what you learn but where you learn that will influence your life’s path. In selecting the best school for you, remember to look for that balance of strong academic offerings and a nurturing environment that will enable you to reach your potential.

You can count on a number of predictable outcomes from your Fisher experience in the School of Business: a strong foundation in the liberal arts even before you declare your major, rigorous academic expectations on the part of your professors and your student peers, significant mentoring relationships with faculty and advisors, and enough program flexibility for you to explore your academic interests.

In the School of Business, we offer varied programs of study, hands-on class projects, guest speakers, community-engaged learning opportunities, internships, and strong relationships between the School and community leaders—all of which contribute to our students’ undergraduate experience.

Advantage: A Path to Ethical Success

The programs in the School of Business, Fisher's first professional school, are known and respected for preparing job-ready and career-focused students.

Our graduates possess a strong ethical bias in their professional demeanor, a solid understanding of current business theories, a practiced skill in applying that learning to real-world situations, and critical-thinking skills to enable them to continue to learn and adapt to a rapidly changing global economy.

 An internship is the best place to practice the skills you've learned in class, fail at your first attempts, and then learn through trial and error the most effective way to execute those skills in the real world. These were excellent experiences and afforded me great insight into the inner workings of a company outside of the classroom. ”

Michael Bonner
  • Michael Bonner ’16
  • Audit Associate, KPMG

 I have loved my experience with the program. The professors are all great and really care about the success of their students. I’ve gotten to do a lot of great projects that are relevant to real world work. I appreciate how knowledgeable and helpful all of my professors are, which has made learning from them an incredible experience. ”

Jenna Deverell
  • Jenna Deverell '20
  • Associate at DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, LLP

 The alumni, faculty, and staff have always been supportive and understanding, and have gone above and beyond to help students. If it wasn't for the culture here at Fisher, I would not be as ambitious as I am while working full-time, taking three classes, and studying for my CMA certification. ”

Devin Dzikowicz
  • Devin Dzikowicz '20
  • Fund Accountant at Alter Domus

 Our program takes a holistic approach to student growth: we foster and encourage collaboration and community spirit in addition to the mastery of finance. ”

Michael Fedoryshyn
  • Michael Fedoryshyn
  • Associate Professor of Finance


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