Business Administration and Faculty

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority.

Dean | Dan Connolly
Interim Associate Dean | Todd Harrison
Interim Assistant Dean | Kristin Lennarz 
Chair, Accounting and Finance | Omar Watts
Chair, Management and Marketing | David Kunsch
Interim Program Director, MBA | Kristin Lennarz

Dean, School of Business
Daniel Connolly
Interim Associate Dean
Areas of Interest: Intercollegiate athletic reform; youth sports; sport in communities
Office:Salerno 204B
Phone:(585) 385-8441
Todd Harrison
Associate Professor
Office:Salerno 237
Phone:(585) 899-3793
Monica Hodis
Dean Emeritus, School of Business Professor Emeritus, Department of Management/Marketing
Selim Ilter
Associate Professor and Chair, Management and Marketing
Office:Salerno 135
Phone:(585) 385-5245
David Kunsch
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Accounting, auditing, business succession planning, business valuation, buy-sell agreements, estate planning and estate and gift taxes, equity markets and stock valuation, stock options
Office:Salerno 244
Phone:(585) 385-8457
Hugh Lambert
Associate Professor
Office:Salerno 137
Phone:(585) 899-3817
Nikki Leifker
Interim Assistant Dean and Interim Program Director, MBA
Office:Salerno 204C
Phone:(585) 899-3767
Kristin Lennarz
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Psychosocial Attributes and Financial Behavior; Financial Satisfaction, Wellbeing and Happiness; Retirement Planning and Decisions
Office:Salerno 236
Phone:(585) 385-8154
Yi Liu
Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance
Christopher Liucci
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Liquidity, corporate governance, executives’ horizons, political risk, financial markets design
Office:Salerno 138
Phone:(585) 385-8375
Mohamed Mekhaimer
Rebecca Pelino Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Visiting Assistant Professor
Chantz Miles
Assistant to the Dean
Office:Salerno 204
Phone:(585) 385-8446
Brittany Pasquale
Assistant Professor
Office:Salerno 233
Phone:(585) 385-7347
Maria Robertson
Areas of Interest: Branding on social media; pedagogy: teamwork and social loafing in classrooms; management of innovations; intergenerational influences and conflict; human resource management
Office:Salerno 203
Phone:(585) 385-8088
Hemant Sashittal
Adjunct Faculty
Phone:(585) 385-7337
Werner Schenk
Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice
Office:Salerno 143
Phone:(585) 385-7398
Ronald Sicker
Assistant Professor
Office:Salerno 133
Phone:(585) 385-7341
Assistant Professor
Office:Salerno 136
Phone:(585) 385-5213
Sukruth Suresh
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Financial accounting, managerial accounting, forensic accounting, fraud examination, and accounting information systems
Office:Salerno 241
Phone:(585) 385-8326
Erica Sysol
Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice
Office:Salerno 134
Phone:(585) 385-8353
Derek Vanderlinde
Visiting Assistant Professor of MIS
Sreesatya Raju Vulapalli
Associate Professor; Chair, Accounting/Finance
Office:Salerno 132
Phone:(585) 385-5212
Omar Watts
Director of Family Business and Visiting Associate Professor
Office:Salerno 140
Phone:(585) 385-8238
Carol Wittmeyer
Associate Professor
Office:Salerno 241
Phone:(585) 899-3862
Patricia Wollan