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What to Expect from Counseling

Counseling services are offered to all students during the academic year through the Health and Wellness Center.

College is a time of transition and growth. It is typical to experience situations that may necessitate additional support. Fisher is committed to supporting the development and wellness of all students.

Benefits of Counseling

Most individuals benefit from counseling and having an ability to talk through stressors, problems, or crises in a non-judgmental supportive atmosphere. The benefits of counseling may include an increased ability to cope with various stressors effectively, negotiate friends, family, other relationship successfully, and address academic pressures proactively. Through investment in the counseling process, you will likely gain a better understanding of yourself, which will ultimately assist you in your personal development.

Initial Appointment

To schedule your first appointment, please access your patient portal. We will ask you to answer some questions via the portal prior to your initial appointment.

Initial appointments, also referred to as rapid access appointments, are typically scheduled within three to five business days. Counseling sessions for the spring 2021 semester are being held remotely over a secure Zoom platform. You will receive a Zoom link to connect with the counselor prior to your visit.

An initial appointment typically lasts 30 minutes. In general, during the initial session you and the counselor will explore and clarify the concerns that prompted you to seek counseling. You and the counselor will work together to decide on one of several possible courses of action:

  • Engage in clarifying and problem-solving around your presenting concerns. The counselor will assist you in developing a plan for how to address your problem; this might include recommending resources such as free wellness apps or stress management techniques. In this case, a single appointment might meet your needs.
  • Decide that short-term treatment would be appropriate. Following the intake, you and your assigned counselor would discuss the option of meeting for short-term therapy, usually on a biweekly basis (every two weeks), sometimes less frequently.
  • Discuss the option of medication treatment with a referral to our part-time psychiatric provider. Should this occur, you would first be referred for an intake assessment with one of our professional counselors. You may also wish to pursue psychiatric services at home or off-campus, if this is an option.
  • Recommend that an off-campus referral would be the best fit, especially if you require services which we do not provide through our office or for areas where our own resources are limited.