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Internship Information for Students

For-credit internships offer opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills you have learned in the classroom to "real" world work experiences. They can also help you build your career-readiness skill set, develop strong networking connections and land a great job when you graduate!

Internship Eligibility

Juniors and seniors with a 2.5 GPA or higher are eligible to apply. Second-semester sophomores may plan their summer or fall internships by contacting the Internship Coordinator.

How to Get Started

  • Make an appointment with the Center for Career and Academic Planning to discuss your internship search strategy, creation/review of your resume and cover letter, interviewing tips, etc.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss when an internship would best fit into your schedule.
  • Meet with the internship coordinator to discuss program requirements and the possibility of earning academic credit.
  • Apply for opportunities and follow the application process as designated by the organization.

Finding an Internship

Many businesses in the Rochester area and beyond are looking for School of Business interns because of the strong classroom and professional skills you have developed through your curriculum. The best strategy you can use to find an internship is to combine the three search methods below.

Search Postings on Handshake

Handshake is a job and internship posting database, hosted by the Center for Career and Academic Planning, containing all internships that are sent to the internship coordinator. For questions about your username and password, contact the Center for Career and Academic Planning at (585) 385-8050. You will want to check this resource frequently for the most current internship postings.

Network! Network! Network!

Talk to family, friends, faculty, staff, your peers, current interns, alumni, classroom/club guest speakers, etc. and share your internship goals. You never know what opportunities might be ahead just by engaging in a simple discussion.

Research Your Field/Industry of Interest

Look on the web and current periodicals to learn of new businesses, emerging internship programs, and exciting initiatives within established organizations. Work with the Center for Career and Academic Planning on creating appropriate career correspondence to reach out to these companies.

Internships for Academic Credit


In order for an internship to receive three academic credits, all of the following must be met for your confirmed internship:

  • Your internship must be a minimum of 120 hours throughout the duration of the semester (approximately 10-12 hours per week).
  • Your internship must last throughout the entire semester.
  • You must have one designated supervisor that will be responsible for providing progressive learning experiences and continual feedback on your performance.
  • Internships may be remote/virtual, on-site, or hybrid (a combination of both on-site and remote). On-site internships will require a thorough review process with regard to health & wellness protocols.
  • Your internship must provide a learning experience that is similar in nature to the classroom learning experience and have a progression of responsibilities and knowledge gained throughout the semester.
  • You must have specific beginning and end dates for your internship experience.
  • Past and/or current employment experience does not qualify for internship credit. Academic credit cannot be applied retroactively to past internship experiences.

Signing Up for Academic Credit

  • Complete the Summer 2022 Request for Internship Approval Form or the Fall 2022 Request for Internship Approval Form.
  • Special note regarding on-site internships: you will be required to list all safety protocols with your site including PPE, social distancing, sanitizing, and health questionnaires within the approval form. Your form will not go forward unless these questions are completed.
  • Once received, the internship coordinator will contact you via email if your internship approval has been confirmed OR if there are any questions regarding the approval form. If the internship is on-site or hybrid modalities, your approval request will undergo further review within the School of Business.
  • If confirmed, email instructions will follow for students to register for ACCT 491, FINA 491, FINA 495, HRMG 491, MGMT 491, or MKTG 491 during the course registration period.
  • Once you have registered for the course, the internship coordinator will contact you with additional paperwork to be completed.

Internship Course Requirements

The School of Business Internship Courses (491/495) are pass/fail courses and managed through Blackboard. To successfully complete the course, you must complete a variety of assignments and attend course meetings via Zoom designed to view your experience from both professional and academic perspectives. Timely submission, thorough completion of all assignments, and participation in meetings throughout the semester are required for success in the course. You must also attend an internship orientation session at the start of the semester to discuss your responsibilities and course expectations.

Most internship courses are considered an elective toward your major. A second internship experience can be taken, with approval from the internship coordinator, and would count as general, non-liberal arts elective credit. If you would like to take a second internship for academic credit, you are strongly encouraged to speak with your faculty advisor and internship coordinator.

Internship Course Request/Internship Approval Process

Completing the Request for Internship Approval Form during registration is your first step towards enrolling in the internship course and receiving academic credit for your internship. You need to complete this form for formal review of your internship and consideration towards registration for the internship course. Forms will be reviewed daily and must be submitted no later than 48 business hours before the deadline to register for the internship course as noted on the academic calendar. Once approval is given, you can register for the internship course during the course registration process.

Note that in order to complete the School of Business Internship Approval Form, you need to know the start and end dates of your internship, submit a position description and have specific supervisor information. On-site and hybrid internships will require additional information as noted above. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.