School of Education Mission, Goals, and Beliefs


The mission of the School of Education at Fisher is to provide a quality educational experience that prepares candidates for distinguished careers in their chosen profession and for leadership roles in a diverse, rapidly changing, and increasingly technological society. To this end, we seek to:

  • Prepare highly capable and ethically responsible professional educators who are committed to improving educational conditions, opportunities, and outcomes for all students.
  • Prepare candidates who share the belief that all students can and will learn.
  • Prepare candidates who understand educational theory, research, best practices and the use of various technologies, and how to apply this knowledge in diverse school settings and communities.
  • Prepare candidates to meet University, state, and national standards and requirements for graduation and certification


University-wide Pillar One: Intellectual Vitality

  • School of Education Goal 1 — Amend the initial undergraduate program so that more teacher candidates (new and transfer) can finish in 4 years
  • School of Education Goal 2 — Conduct curriculum review/revision based on data and/or CAEP accreditation reports
  • School of Education Goal 3 — Achieve national recognition from all Specialty Professional Associations (SPAs) for each content-area certification

University-wide Pillar Two: Holistic Approaches to Student Development

  • School of Education Goal 1 — Adapt to new resources to create and implement one Candidate Support System

University-wide Three: Equity, Inclusion, Community

  • School of Education Goal 1 — Increase enrollment of diverse teacher candidates
  • School of Education Goal 2 — Increase retention of diverse teacher candidates
  • School of Education Goal 3 — Respond to diversity needs of the community and increase retention and recruitment in all programs
  • School of Education Goal 4 — Amend initial undergraduate program to increase diverse enrollment for new and transfer students

University-wide Pillar Four: Community Engagement

  • School of Education Goal 1 — Develop and sustain community partnerships to support teacher and leadership needs
  • School of Education Goal 2 — Collaborate with completers to address P-12 student learning impact
  • School of Education Goal 3 — Implement assessment and TK20 skill development and training for internal and external stakeholders

University-wide Pillar Five: Institutional Excellence and Effectiveness

  • School of Education Goal 1 — Improve governance, reporting and communication processes