School of Education Administration

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority.

School of Education Organizational Structure

Director of Field Experiences and Student Teaching
Phone:(585) 385-5220
Alison Bosworth
Visiting Assistant Professor and Chair, Ed.D. in Executive Leadership
Office:Alesi Building
Phone:(585) 385-5227
Shannon Cleverly-Thompson
Senior Administrative Assistant/Certification Officer
Office:RCW 206
Phone:(585) 899-3813
Associate Professor
Office:RCW 110
Phone:(585) 385-8114
Administrative Assistant
Office:Iona College
Phone:(914) 654-6151
Jennifer Guerrier
Assessment Coordinator
Office:RCW 205A
Phone:(585) 385-8179
Associate Professor and Dean, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education
Office:RCW 205C
Phone:(585) 385-7316
Joellen Maples
Site Director, Ed.D. Program in Executive Leadership at Iona College
Office:Iona College
Phone:(914) 654-6152
Josephine Moffett
Director of the Library Media Specialist Program
Office:RWILSN 211
Phone:(585) 385-8376
Maria Muhlbauer
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, School of Education
Office:RCW School of Education 205B
Phone:(585) 899-3718
Whitney Rapp
Associate Professor
Office:RCW 112
Phone:(585) 385-7257
Diane Reed
Assistant to the Dean
Office:RCW 206
Phone:(585) 385-7316
Kayla Wickham