Student Teaching Resources

The information and resources on this page are here to facilitate success during student teaching for candidates.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact Allison Bosworth, Director of Field Experiences and Student Teaching, at or (585) 385-5220.

Clinical Experiences Handbook

The Clinical Experiences Handbook for Education Students [pdf] provides all the information you need to successfully complete your clinical experiences, including student teaching.


The edTPA is one of the certification exams mandated by New York State to become a teacher. Learn more about edTPA.

Additional Resources



Teaching Everyone: An Introduction to Inclusive Education (Rapp & Arndt, 2012) is a great resource for reviewing IDEA, the IEP process, Response to Intervention (RtI) and universal design for learning (UDL). There are also several chapters on inclusive strategies for all content areas, as well as ideas for effective collaboration with related service professionals and specials teachers! For more information and an excerpt from the book, visit the Teaching Everyone product page from Brookes Publishing.

School Based Educators and University Supervisors