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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in Pharmacy

Check back often for new CPE programs!

Our mission is to provide healthcare educational activities for continuous professional development of pharmacists, technicians, and other health care professionals that promote problem-solving and critical thinking, and enhance practitioner skills, equipping them to provide the highest level of patient-centered care.

CPE Programs

Currently Scheduled CPE Programs

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Current Programs

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Community postings (free CE)



Ongoing CPE Opportunities

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 Home-based programs

Future CPE Programs

January 2022

Topic: tbd
Presenters: Fisher residents

February 2022

Topic: tbd
Presenters: Dr. Sha-Phawn Williams

March 2022

Topic: tbd/Pharm. Science related
Presenter: Pharm. Sci Faculty

April 2022

P4/Alumni Annual CE Event

May 2022

APhA Immunization program

June 2022

Law review with Dr. Karl Williams

CPE Staff

Associate Professor Director of Experiential Education & CPE
Areas of Interest: Experiential education, bioterrorism preparedness, mission trips with Global Volunteers, Phi Delta Chi, and antique marbles.
Keith Delmonte
Continuing Professional Education Coordinator
Robin Stuart Buttles

Community Partners

The Wegmans School of Pharmacy supports and collaborates with the following organizations, often providing the education on Fisher's campus.