Wegmans School of Pharmacy Facilities Highlights

The 37,000 square-foot building that houses the Wegmans School of Pharmacy contains three floors worth of teaching and experimentation space.

Female student behind beakers and pharmacy equipment.

Along with classrooms and a generous lobby area with comfortable group seating, the first floor boasts 10 individual study rooms. These “breakout rooms” are equipped with wall-mounted cameras, which record student interaction with actors playing pharmacy patients.

The centerpiece of the building’s second floor is the Interprofessional Simulation Center and model pharmacy used to provide student pharmacists experiences that supplement the live patient care interactions of their experiential rotations. These experiences include interprofessional activities that help to develop students’ ability to care for patients as part of a team of health care professionals.

A pharmaceutics lab and an additional research lab can be found on the top floor of the School of Pharmacy building.

In addition, there are two 100-seat classrooms in Fisher's Integrated Science and Health Sciences Building used for pharmacy classes.

  • Pharmacy lab setup.
    Molecular Pharmacology and Cell Biology Lab

    The Molecular Pharmacology and Cell Biology Lab is used by students and faculty alike to conduct research and experiments for coursework and scholarly work. The School also features additional multifunctional laboratories for drug discovery and pharmaceutical formulation, manufacturing, and analysis.

    Pharmacy Lab 360
  • School of Pharmacy atrium.
    Wegmans School of Pharmacy Atrium

    The Wegmans School of Pharmacy opened in the fall of 2006. Our pharmacy program is a 2 + 4 program leading to a Pharm.D. degree. The School is housed in a state-of-the-art building with lecture rooms and group study rooms on the first floor, a computer lab and dedicated pharmaceuticals library on the second floor, and additional labs and faculty offices on the third floor.

    Atrium 360
  • Medication disposal drop box on campus
    Promoting Safe Medication Disposal on Campus

    The Wegmans School of Pharmacy supports proper prescription medication disposal and provides a safe medication disposal unit on campus. The drop-box, provided in partnership with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, is open to the public for unused or expired prescription medications.

    Promoting Safe Medication Disposal