Office of Experiential Education

We welcome qualified individuals to register as a preceptor to train the next generation of pharmacists. Please contact us if you have any questions related to this important function.

Experiential Education Coordinator, School of Pharmacy
Office:WEGPHR 133F
Phone:(585) 385-5246
Andi Balland
Associate Professor and Director of Experiential Education & CPE
Areas of Interest: Experiential education, bioterrorism preparedness, mission trips with Global Volunteers, Phi Delta Chi, and antique marbles.
Office:WEGPHR 133A
Phone:(585) 385-5243
Keith Delmonte
Experiential Education Coordinator
Office:WEGPHR 133E
Phone:(585) 385-7249
Andrea DiGiorgio
Assistant Director of Experiential Education and Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administration
Office:WEGPHR 133B
Phone:(585) 385-7379
Matthew Zak