Pharmacy Practice and Administration

Pharmacy practice and administration is a group of interdisciplinary areas of study involved with the effective use of drugs and biologicals in providing pharmaceutical care.

The field draws on the basic sciences and applies the principles of drug therapy management, clinical problem-solving, counseling, communications, and optimal health care delivery to patient care.

As a team, the Department of Pharmacy Practice & Administration promotes a passion for learning and scholarship demonstrated through a commitment to the principles of pharmaceutical care, student mentoring, and community engagement. The team is composed of pharmacy practice and pharmacy administration faculty.

Pharmacy Practice Faculty

Pharmacy practice faculty are licensed, practicing pharmacists who teach in the didactic and simulation and skills classrooms. Students collaborate with faculty at their practice sites in hospitals, ambulatory care, or community settings. This teaching focuses on practicing the skills and abilities needed to provide safe, effective, and comprehensive medication management to patients. Additionally, practice faculty prepare students with the skills needed to communicate with both providers and patients. 

Pharmacy Administration Faculty

Pharmacy administration is a broad discipline that includes social science aspects of health care, management principles, population-based health care, the art of statistics and epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, pharmacy law, and ethics. Pharmacy administration faculty may be pharmacists who have also pursued additional doctoral-level training and obtained a Ph.D. or J.D. Understanding the elements needed to deliver health care is vital to the success of clinical practice.