DNP Faculty and Staff

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority.

Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Maternal child health, global health mission trips, intraprofessional education. Research: Gestational diabetes, global health mission trips, and student experiences
Office:WEGNUR 215
Phone:(585) 385-8462
Kylene Abraham
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Dissertation work on the lived experiences of adult learners in nursing education
Office:WEGNUR 153
Phone:(585) 899-3782
Amy Archey
Associate Professor and Chair, Undergraduate Nursing Program
Areas of Interest: Health work environments; how the work environment impacts patient outcomes
Office:WEGNUR 201C
Phone:(585) 899-3869
Christine Boev
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Nursing education and professional development; Improving health equity for individuals with disabilities
Office:WEGNUR 158
Phone:(585) 899-3859
Melissa Bourne
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Acute care/vascular surgery and in-home health care (clinical); quality metrics (research), Alzheimer's disease, and the promotion of leadership/scholarship in nursing
Office:WEGNUR 321
Phone:(585) 385-8397
Desiree Branson
Executive Director, Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing
Office:WEGNUR 156
Phone:(585) 899-3823
Holly Brown
Simulation Educational Technology Specialist
Areas of Interest: Technology-based education, virtual and mixed reality education, and applied and behavioral science.
Office:WEGNUR 117
Phone:(585) 385-8091
Bryan Christian
Senior Advisor and Fellowship Director, Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing
Areas of Interest: Collaboration and coordination; health care teams
Office:WEGNUR 201F
Phone:(585) 385-8472
Dianne Cooney Miner
Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Program Evaluation
Areas of Interest: Gender equity; issues impacting children's health and education; educational administration/leadership
Office:WEGNUR 201-A
Phone:(585) 385-8451
Caroline Critchlow
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Areas of Interest: Care of the obese patient in acute care, the role of the APRN in transitional care, chronic conditions, nursing advancement
Office:WEGNUR 201L
Phone:(585) 385-8473
Lori Dambaugh
Simulation Center Coordinator - Undergraduate
Office:WEGNUR 302
Phone:(585) 385-8304
Crystal Dobri
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs
Areas of Interest: Adult/gerontology care, palliative and hospice care, cardiology
Office:WEGNUR 201K
Phone:(585) 899-3788
Colleen Donegan
Assistant Dean for Online Education
Areas of Interest: Online Pedagogy; tourism entrepreneurship; patient experience; beverage education; marketing; alternative foods; Metaverse/Web3; fashion tourism
Office:WSON 157
Phone:(585) 385-7356
Damien Duchamp
Administrative Assistant – Graduate Programs
Office:WSON 201
Phone:(585) 385-5230
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Adult and pediatric trauma; disaster response and management; acute and critical care medicine; education and curriculum design; simulation
Office:WEGNUR 153
Phone:(585) 385-7384
Susan Fredrick
Dean, Wegmans School of Nursing
Office:WEGNUR 201F
Phone:(585) 385-8494
Tricia Gatlin
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Acute care, medicine in psychiatry nurse practitioner, chemical dependency, global health
Office:WEGNUR 251
Phone:(585) 385-8116
Katherine Grams
Visiting Instructor
Areas of Interest: Acute care; hospital medicine
Office:WEGNUR 309
Phone:(585) 385-7383
Heather Hamilton
Program Director, RN to BSN Online
Office:WEGNUR 219
Phone:(585) 385-7233
Pam Herendeen
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Pediatric and perinatal palliative and hospice care; pediatric and neonatal critical care; community health
Office:WEGNUR 309-C
Phone:(585) 899-3839
Joy Hogan
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Higher education; administration; preventative care for the underserved populations
Office:WEGNUR 223
Phone:(585) 576-1144
Corey Jackson
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Identifying and addressing needs, gaps, and barriers in how we provide health care for people with complex, pediatric-onset conditions
Office:WEGNUR 156
Phone:(585) 899-3823
Amy Jerum
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Wound care, care of patients with intellectual or developmental disability, nursing leadership, surgical oncology
Office:WEGNUR 223
Phone:(585) 385-8246
Beth Kiss
DNP, Nurse Anesthesia
Office:WEGNUR 223
Phone:(585) 385-8471
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Prevention of unintentional injuries in children, concussion, factors that influence incidence of concussion and recovery, concussion and anxiety, return to school after concussion
Office:WEGNUR 212
Phone:(585) 899-3835
Pamela Mapstone
Assistant to the Dean
Office:WEGNUR 201E
Phone:(585) 385-8468
Carolyn Martin
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Acute care/hospital medicine nurse practitioner; global health and short-term medical missions; preparing nurses to take part in medical missions
Office:WEGNUR 154
Phone:(585) 899-3837
Natalie Masco
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Child and adolescent mental health; suicide prevention and intervention; mental health in the IDD population
Office:WEGNUR 323
Phone:(585) 899-3756
Marcie McMahon
Assistant Professor and Chair, Public Health Program
Areas of Interest: Maternal and child health epidemiology; nutrition and weight control during pregnancy; pregnancy complications; subclinical eating disorders
Office:WEGNUR 309
Phone:(585) 385-7359
Heather McGrane Minton
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Physical assessment, diagnostics, evidence-based practice
Office:WEGNUR 319
Phone:(585) 899-3785
Henry Moscicki
Graduate Simulation Center Coordinator
Office:WEGNUR 302
Phone:(585) 385-8303
Karen Parker
Visiting Assistant Professor
Phone:(585) 899-3809
Katherine Rowles
Chair of Graduate Affairs
Areas of Interest: Clinical nurse specialist education; compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue; healthy work environments; burn, trauma, and neurologic critical care; nursing workforce
Office:WEGNUR 152
Phone:(585) 385-8127
Tara Sacco
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Maternal and child health specifically related to diet and physical activity
Office:WEGNUR 222
Phone:(585) 385-7353
Alison Simpson
Learning Resource Center Coordinator – Undergraduate
Office:WEGNUR 208A
Phone:(585) 385-8396
Heather Sisk
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Neonatal abstinence syndrome, Trauma-informed care, Infant safe sleep
Office:WEGNUR 223
Phone:(585) 899-3866
Michelle Slymon
Part-Time Faculty
Areas of Interest: Nursing education; evidence-based education; educational design; competency assessment; nursing professional development; nursing leadership; program and project management; online learning
Office:WEGNUR 217
Phone:(585) 899-3877
Charlene Smith
Student Success Facilitator
Office:WEGNUR 309
Phone:(585) 899-3834
Stephanie Smyth
Assistant Director, Nurse Anesthesia DNP
Office:WSON 211
Phone:(585) 899-3829
Adjunct Faculty
Office:WEGNUR 302
Phone:(585) 385-8278
Donna Tydings
Undergraduate Clinical Coordinator
Office:WEGNUR 220
Phone:(585) 385-7230
Julie Vilinsky
Director of Experiential Learning
Areas of Interest: Electronic health record, experiential learning, simulation, augmented and virtual reality
Phone:(585) 899-3787
Joanne Weinschreider
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: New nurse hospital orientation and preceptorship
Office:WEGNUR 216
Phone:(585) 899-3719
Eileen Wilbert
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Pediatric cardiac critical care
Office:WEGNUR 218
Phone:(585) 385-7317
Melinda Zalewski