Fish 'R' Net Guide for Faculty

Fish 'R' Net is an online tool that enables you to manage various academic and administrative aspects of your work as a faculty member.

General Fish 'R' Net Tips

  • Access to some Fish 'R' Net options (e.g. final grade entry) is limited to certain times of the semester.
  • Inactivity for several minutes may result in your being logged out of Fish 'R' Net. If that happens, simply log in again.
  • To protect your records, please change your PIN frequently. If you forget your PIN, do not guess; click Forgot PIN. You will be prompted to answer your security questions in order to access Fish 'R' Net.
  • After three unsuccessful attempts to log in, your account will be disabled. Once your account is disabled, you will not be able to log in and must call the Registrar’s Office at (585) 385-8015 to have your account enabled for use.
  • Contact the Registrar's Office if you suspect that confidentiality of your PIN has been compromised and your information has been accessed without your authorization.
  • Students use the same log on screen as faculty and advisors; security is maintained through coding in Banner, which determines the display and accessibility of information in the web interface.

Note: In using Fish 'R' Net, you are accessing confidential student information. If you have questions regarding your responsibilities under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), contact the Registrar's Office or refer to our FERPA Guidelines page.

Accessing Fish 'R' Net

Once at Fish 'R' Net, choose Enter Secure Area and enter your Fisher ID (include the @ sign) and PIN. Your first PIN is your birth date (MMDDYY). When you access Fish 'R' Net for the first time, use the Change PIN option to create a PIN containing numbers and letters that will be known only to you.

The first time you log in, you will see the Terms of Usage statement. By clicking Continue, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to comply with the terms of usage.

Find Your Advisees on Fish 'R' Net

To find the names of your advisees:

  1. Log into Fish 'R' Net
  2. Select Faculty Services
  3. Select Student Menu
  4. Select Advisee Listing

Fish 'R' Net Menus

Faculty Services

The Faculty Services menu allows you to perform all functions related to your class or classes in a selected term.

Term Selection - Many options are term specific, if you have not specified a term, this option will appear when you enter a term-specific area.

CRN Selection - A pull-down menu lists the title and CRN for the courses you are teaching in the selected term.

Student Menu - This submenu will take you to a series of items related to data for students in your course or for whom you are the assigned advisor.

Summary Class List - Provides one line of information for each student registered in the course. (This class list may be copied to Excel.)

Detail Class List - Displays information for each student registered in the course. Click on the student's name to access address and phone number.

Class Participation Certification - Allows you to enter data noting whether or not each student in your class began attending. Notification of when to enter this data will be sent to your Fisher email account.

Mid Term Grades - Use to enter mid term grades for your classes.

Final Grades - Use to enter final grades for your classes.

Faculty Detail Schedule - Displays detailed information about each of your courses in the selected term.

Faculty Schedule by Day and Time - Displays your teaching schedule in a grid. To see the course details, click on the course. Note: courses without a scheduled meeting time and those which fall outside the meeting dates at the top of the screen will appear below the grid. The display defaults to the current week, to see your schedule for a particular week enter a date in the Go To field or use the Next Week or Previous Week options.

Faculty Syllabus - Allows entry of a rudimentary syllabus so that students may access this information.

Office Hours - Allows entry of your office hours for each of your classes so that students may access this information.

Report of Incomplete Grades - Provides information on your outstanding Incomplete grades and due dates for these grade change.

Incomplete Grade Summary - Allows you to select a specific term and course and then view the incomplete grades in that course, the default grade and the extension date.

Report of Missing Grades - Provides a list of the number of grades that have been successfully entered for your courses.

Dean and Chair Report of Incomplete Grades - Accessible only to deans, department chairs, and program directors.

Dean and Chair Report of Missing Grades - Accessible only to deans, department chairs, and program directors.

Dean and Chair Listing of Conditional Graduate Students - Accessible only to deans and graduate program directors.

Department Chairs and Directors' student data - Accessible only to deans, department chairs, and program directors.

Directors of Special Programs Student Listing - Accessible only directors of special programs.

Faculty Grade Summary - Allows you to see the midterm and final grades that you entered for your advisees and any subsequent processed final grade changes for students in your courses.

Advisee Grade Summary - Allows you to see the midterm and final grades that were entered your advisees and any subsequent final grade changes.

Student Menu

Links to information about students enrolled in your classes.

Term Selection - Many options are term specific. If you have not specified a term this option will appear when you enter a term specific area.

ID Selection - Enter the name or ID of the student you wish to view.

View Student Information - Displays the current student information including the degree, major(s), minor and concentration, advisor, and expected graduation date.

View Student Addresses and Phone Numbers

View Student Email Addresses

View Student Schedule - Displays detailed course information for the selected student and term.

Academic Transcript - Displays the academic record of the selected student.

Degree Evaluation - Generates a comparison of the student's coursework against the requirements of their program.

Advisee Listing - Produces a listing of your advisees who are registered in the selected term.

Personal Information Menu

Change Security Question - Allows you to change the security questions that can be used to access Fish 'R' Net when you forget your PIN. Note: the answers to security questions are case sensitive.

View Addresses and Phone Numbers - Verify the information on file for you. The mailing address is used for College communications. Please notify the Human Resources Office if this information is not correct.

View Email Addresses - View the email address on file for you.

View Emergency Contact - If this page is blank, please contact the Human Resources Office to provide a name and phone number of a contact person for you.

Name Change or Social Security Number Correction Procedure - If you note an error in the spelling of your name or in your SSN, follow these procedures.

Change your Fish 'R' Net PIN - Change your PIN to something you can easily remember. Your PIN must be a minimum of six places and can contain letters, numbers, and symbols. We encourage you to change your PIN regularly. If you choose not to change your PIN on your own, it will expire periodically and you will be required to change it at that time.

Reset your Banner Password - Allows employees of the college with access to the student information system (Banner) to reset their password if they have forgotten it.

Technology Training - Atomic Learning - Provides free access to video-based technology training.

Manage Email Distribution List Subscriptions - Allows the user to manage their subscriptions to various club and sports distribution lists.