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Applying for Graduation

Candidates for degrees are required to submit the online Graduation Application in Fish 'R' Net (login required) by the deadlines posted below. Students must apply for graduation to earn their degree or certificate, whether or not they choose to participate in the ceremony. Apply to graduate at Fish 'R' Net > Student Services > Student Records > Apply to Graduate.

Degree Completion Term Graduation Application Due Who Should Apply
May October 1 in the fall semester prior to graduating/commencement Students who plan to be completely finished by May and students who will be within 15 credits of completion and wish to attend the May ceremony.
August June 1 prior to graduating Students who will be finished by August and did not apply for the preceding May
December June 1 prior to graduating Students who will be finished by December and did not apply for the preceding May

The graduation application initiates a senior audit and helps to develop a list of students anticipating degree conferral in a given term. Students who fail to apply for graduation will not be reviewed for degree conferral, and they will not be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Potential August and December graduates who will need no more than 15 credits to complete their degrees may choose to attend the May commencement ceremony by submitting a graduation application for May before the deadline posted above. For students who complete their graduation requirements after the commencement ceremony, the official date of graduation noted on the diploma and all official University records will be the graduation date at the end of the semester in which the student completes the requirements. A student may participate in the undergraduate commencement ceremony only once.

Any student graduating in May or planning to participate in the May ceremony who has not completed a graduation application before the deadline above must check with the Registrar’s Office.

Participating in the commencement ceremony does not indicate the completion of a degree or certificate. Commencement recognizes the achievements of all students who apply for graduation and are within 15 credits. Graduation is the official awarding of a degree or certificate to a student's records after all degree requirements and proficiencies are verified as completed by the Registrar’s Office. This is otherwise known as degree conferral.

If a student is more than 15 credits away from completing graduation requirements, the student may appeal to the Committee on Academic Standing to participate in the commencement ceremony. A student whose appeal is approved by the Committee after the commencement program has been published will not have a name printed in the program, but the student may still participate in Commencement.

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