Fish 'R' Net Guide for Students

Fish 'R' Net is an online tool that lets you manage various academic and administrative aspects of your college account.

Note: Grades and schedules are not mailed. Though your final grades will be available for viewing in Fish 'R' Net shortly after they are entered by your instructors, your GPA and end of term standing will not be updated until all processing is complete. Please wait at least five days after examinations end before you consider your GPA and end of term standing as final.

General Fish 'R' Net Tips

Inactivity for several minutes may result in your being logged out of Fish 'R' Net. If that happens, simply log in again.

To protect your records, please change your PIN frequently. If you forget your PIN, do not guess; click the Reset Fish 'R' Net PIN option and follow the instructions.

After three unsuccessful attempts to login, your account will be disabled. Once your account is disabled, you will not be able to log in and must call the Registrar’s Office at (585) 385-8015 to have your account enabled for use.

Find Your Advisor on Fish 'R' Net

To find the name of your advisor, log in to Fish 'R' Net. Select Student Services and Financial Aid > Student Records > View Advisor Email Address

Using the Secure Area of Fish 'R' Net

The Student Services and Financial Aid menu is the main area of student activity in Fish 'R' Net. From this page, you can navigate to Registration, Student Records, Financial Aid, Payment and Billing Information, and the best contact information.

Academic Functionality of Fish 'R' Net

Registration - Sub-menu of Student Services and Financial Aid.

Select Term - Many options are term specific; if you have not chosen a term, this option appears when you enter a term-specific area. Note: the term defaults to a future term if registration for that term is open.

Add or Drop Classes - Used to register, add, or drop classes. Availability is restricted to specific dates.

Search Classes - Allows a search for classes to add when registration is available.

Change Class Options - Allows you to change to the number of credits for a variable credit course when registration is available.

Student Schedule - Displays your schedule in a grid format for the week of the term that you selected. This schedule defaults to the current week so if you look at your schedule before classes begin, the grid will be blank. Courses without a scheduled meeting time and those which fall outside of the meeting dates at the top of the screen will appear below the grid. To see the course details, click on the course.

Student Detail Schedule - Displays detailed information about your courses in the selected term.

Withdrawal Information - Contains information if you have withdrawn from all of your courses in the selected term.

Registration Status - Displays registration related information including degree, major, class, and earned credits. Minors or second majors are not shown. Contact the Registrar’s Office (585) 385-8015 if you believe the information is incorrect.

Student Health Insurance - Allows you to sign up for health insurance through the College.

View/Purchase Textbooks - Allows you to view and purchase the books required and recommended for a course.

Student Records: Student Services and Financial Aid sub-menu

Student Records is a sub-menu of Student Services and Financial Aid.

View Holds - Displays information about holds that will prevent registration or viewing grades and transcripts.

Mid-Term Grades - Displays your mid-term grades if any are entered for the specified term.

Final Grades - Displays final grades. Print this page if you need a copy of your grades for reimbursement from your employer. Note: your cumulative GPA and academic standing are not updated until all end of semester processing is completed.

Academic Transcript - Displays your full Fisher transcript including transfer credits and Fisher courses.

Degree Evaluation - Provides the means to generate a comparison of your coursework to the requirements of your declared program.

Enrollment Verification - Provides access to the National Student Clearinghouse website to print an enrollment certificate.

Order your St. John Fisher College transcript - Provides access to the web pages where you can request that your Fisher academic transcript be sent to outside individuals, employers, and institutions.

View Advisor Email Address - Find the name and email address of your advisor. Send email to the advisor.

View Student Information - View your degree and program information.

Your Incomplete Grades - Displays any outstanding incomplete grades.

Apply to Graduate - During your last year at Fisher, you will be notified to submit your application for graduation using this link.

View Graduation Applications - Once you have completed the application for graduation, this page will display the information you entered. If you want to change the diploma name you entered, you MUST notify the Registrar’s Office in person to request a change.

Immunization Records - This page allow you to access the immunization records that are on file with the Health and Wellness Center.

Personal Information Menu

The Personal Information menu provides access to some items of use related to your Fish 'R' Net account.

Change Security Question - Allows you to change the security questions that can be used to access Fish 'R' Net when you forget your PIN.

View Addresses and Phone Numbers - Please verify the information on file for you. The mailing address is used for College communications; please notify the Human Resources Office if this information is not correct.

View Email Addresses - See the email address on file for you.

View Emergency Contacts - If this page is blank, please contact the Human Resources Office to provide a name and phone number of a contact person for you.

Name Change or Social Security Number Correction Procedure - If you note an error in the spelling of your name or in your SSN, follow these procedures.

Change your Fish 'R' Net PIN - Change your PIN to something you can easily remember. Your PIN must be a minimum of 6 places and can contain both letters and numbers. We encourage you to change your PIN regularly.

Technology Training - Atomic Learning - provides free access to video-based technology training.

Manage Email Distribution List Subscriptions - Allows the user to manage their subscriptions to various club and sports distribution lists.