uAchieve Degree Audit

uAchieve is the new degree audit software which is available to all students and replaces the CAPP degree evaluation option in Fish 'R' Net.

This software provides complete and personalized information for pursuing your educational goals. It also provides a visual representation of degree progress through charts and graphs.

What is a uAchieve Audit?

A uAchieve audit is a review of completed, transfer and current coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements necessary to complete your degree program.

The audit looks at the degree requirements from the official College Catalog you are following and any coursework completed, transferred, and in-progress, to produce an easy-to-read degree audit. The degree audit is divided into block requirements of how courses count toward degree requirements. These blocks include requirements such as Residency, Core, Liberal Arts, Major Requirements, etc. Color coding and checkboxes exist within each block to easily show what courses and requirements are complete, or in-progress or incomplete and are updated automatically checked when a requirement is completed or is in-progress.

The uAchieve audit is NOT an official transcript. It is an internal document to assist students and advisors in meeting degree requirements. It also does not replace written information in the College Catalog.

uAchieve FAQs

Who can use uAchieve?

All currently enrolled students following a catalog from fall 2013 to the present may run an audit in uAchieve.

How do I access uAchieve?

Log in to your mySJF account. Open the Launchpad. Click on the uAchieve icon.

How do I request a uAchieve audit?

After accessing uAchieve click the Run Current Program radio button for a uAchieve audit of your current program. Scroll down and click Run Audit.

Will my advisor be able to see my uAchieve audit?

Yes, your advisor has the ability to see your audit.

How frequently is my information updated in uAchieve?

Any change to your academic record is immediately seen in uAchieve.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my uAchieve audit?

If you have any question about the accuracy of your uAchieve audit, missing information or progress toward degree completion please contact your academic advisor first. If your advisor cannot resolve the issue or if you have difficulty running an audit, please email

Below you will find the most common issues and courses of action to resolves those issues.

  • My major and/or minor is wrong on my audit. Review your student record in Fish 'R' Net. Contact the Center for Career amd Academic Planning to correct your record or officially declare your major and/or minor.
  • My minor or second major is missing from my audit. Review your student record in Fish 'R' Net. Contact the Center for Career and Academic Planning to declare your second major and/or minor.
  • The requirements for my major and/or minor are wrong. Look at the catalog term that appears in the student information block at the top of the audit. Records show that you are following the requirements in the noted catalog. If you believe you are following a different catalog, contact the Center for Career and Academic Planning to request a change of catalog.
  • My transfer courses do not appear on my audit. Posting of transfer, IB, CLEP and AP credit can take several months after the transcript is received. You will be notified by email from the Registrar's Office when the credit is posted to your record and can be seen on your audit.
  • My advisor or department chair gave me permission to substitute a course but it is not showing on my audit. Talk with your advisor or the department chair to see if the appropriate paperwork for a substitution or waiver has been completed and was sent to the Registrar's Office. Once the exception has been approved and entered the change will appear on your audit.
When should I look at my uAchieve audit?

You should review your uAchieve audit:

  • Before you meet with your academic advisor to discuss registration for an upcoming semester.
  • After you register to ensure that the courses you selected applied to your requirements as expected.
  • After your grades are posted for each semester.
  • Any time you make a change to your schedule or major.
How does uAchieve decide where to place courses that I've completed?

uAchieve looks at your program holistically, and places each course using a "best fit" scenario. The "best fit" process will not always be perfect, particularly when multiple possibilities exist. Classes may apply to different sections as you take more courses. If you have a course that does not appear in the area you expected email

If I have a current uAchieve audit, do I still need to see my advisor?

The uAchieve audit does not eliminate the need for advising. The audit serves as a tool to enhance advising and encourage student contact with an advisor for further academic and career counseling.

How can I see the courses required if I change my major?

You can use the "Run Selected Program" option to run a uAchieve audit using criteria you select. Be sure to select the correct degree, catalog term, major, etc. These audits do not guarantee that you are eligible to major in the area you select. If you decide you'd like to change your major or catalog or add a minor discuss these changes with your advisor and then contact the Center for Career and Academic Planning to make the change.