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Faculty/Staff Profiles

Associate Director of Alumni and Constituent Engagement
  • Office:Skalny Welcome Center
  • Phone:(585) 899-3720
Kristina Abbey
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Maternal child health, global health mission trips, intraprofessional education. Research: Gestational diabetes, global health mission trips, and student experiences
Kylene Abraham
Housekeeper C Shift
Associate Professor and Chair, Biology Department
Areas of Interest: Motile flagellar assembly
Noveera Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Nabila Ahmed-Sarwar
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Molecular biology, molecular pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry.
Remah Ali
Ward-Haffey Supervisor
Carleytha Allat
Coordinator of Institutional Assessment and Planning
Kristin Anderson
Administrative Assistant for Undergraduate Nursing Program
Christine Antonini
Mental Health Counselor
Jillian Anzalone
Visiting Instructor
Areas of Interest: Dissertation work on the lived experiences of adult learners in nursing education
Amy Archey
Areas of Interest: Supporting students with disabilities in inclusive settings, including students who are deaf-blind, and critical analyses of text and film representations of disability.
Katrina Arndt
Technical Support Specialist
Technical Support Specialist
Lisa Avery
Records and Registration Coordinator
Terri Bagshaw
Assistant Controller
Gary Baier
Recruitment Communications Specialist
Piper Bailey
Experiential Education Coordinator, School of Pharmacy
Andi Balland
Cyber Cafe Lead Supervisor
Denise Barbato
Professor and Chair, Anthropology and Sociology
David Baronov
Visiting Instructor
Administrative Assistant
Catie Bauman
Office Manager
Jaimie Beard
Enterprise Applications Administrator
Visiting Assistant Professor, Mental Health Counseling
Areas of Interest: Mental Health screening, prevention and intervention, chemical dependency screening, prevention and intervention, and vocational rehabilitation.
Gail Begley
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Val Benjamin
Visiting Assistant Professor
Alec Berenbaum
Visiting Assistant Professor
Matt Bereza
Adjunct Professor
  • Phone:(585) 385-8376
Jason Berman
Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Priyanka Bhatt
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Christine Bianco
Associate Professor
Dougie Bicket
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Areas of Interest: Engagement, Philanthropy, External Relations, Board Development, Leadership Coaching, and Strategic Planning
Chris Biehn
Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Jennifer Bigenwald
President/Owner, Billitier Electric, Inc.
Ronald Billitier
President and CEO of Financial Institutions, Inc., Five Star Bank
Martin Birmingham
Professor and Dean, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
Christine Birnie
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: 18th-century literature, legal history, theater, place-based studies, historical fiction
Melissa Bissonette
Head of Access Services
Kourtney Blackburn
Areas of Interest: Quantitative methods used in the social sciences, meta-analysis, robust and nonparametric statistical methods, and using R for data analysis.
Bruce Evan Blaine
Assistant Director of Transfer and Graduate Admissions
  • Office:Skalny Welcome Center
  • Phone:(585) 385-8064
Kristin Blake
Experiential Learning Coordinator
  • Office:Lavery Library, Main Level
  • Phone:(585) 385-7393
Tara Bloom
Associate Professor and Chair, Undergraduate Nursing Program
Areas of Interest: Health work environments; how the work environment impacts patient outcomes
Christine Boev
Associate Professor and Program Director, Sustainability
Areas of Interest: Biomechanics of aquatic organisms; ecology of life in moving water; sustainability
Michael Boller
Associate Professor
Kaitlin Bonner
Director of Field Experiences and Student Teaching
Alison Bosworth
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Orthopedics (clinical practice); Nursing education and improving health equity for individuals with disabilities (research)
Melissa Bourne
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs
Chenno Bowens
Former Chief Executive Officer, Enesco, LLC
Thomas Bowles
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Rhetorical theory; hate rhetoric and demagoguery; Middle East and Turkish studies; writing studies; civic engagement and community-engaged learning; professional writing; editing and publishing.
Jim Bowman
Attorney, The Law Office of Daniel J. Boyce, Esq.
Daniel J. Boyce
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Acute care/vascular surgery and in-home health care (clinical); quality metrics (research), Alzheimer's disease, and the promotion of leadership/scholarship in nursing
Desiree Branson
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of English
Areas of Interest: American studies; modernism; film; sport; crime culture; popular culture
Stephen Brauer
Student Accessibility Services Coordinator
Joy Breeden
Coordinator of Instruction and Research Services
Mia Breitkopf
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Interrelationships between stigma, health, and wellbeing; the psychology of weight; pedagogical research
Kimberly McClure-Brenchley
HR Analytics and Compensation Coordinator
Alexandra Brind
Visiting Instructor
Brittany Broderick
Associate Professor
Interim Director of Institutional Research
Andrew Brolsma
Associate Professor, Wegmans School of Nursing; Associate Director, Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing
Holly Brown
Postal Services Assistant
Assistant Professor and Chair, Sport Management Department
Areas of Interest: Sport and social media; sustainability in sport
Kathryn Burakowski
Circulation Supervisor
Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Amanda Burns
President of the Rochester Division, Senior Vice President, M&T Bank Corporation
Daniel Burns
Associate Professor
Kevin Callahan
Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Todd Camenisch
Anatomy & Physiology Lab Coordinator
Sarah Casper
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Drug Delivery, Oncology, Immunotherapy, and Nanotechnology
Lipika Chablani
Anthony Chiarlitti
Associate Professor; Chair, Department of Chemistry; Chair, Department of Physics
Senior Administrative Assistant
Tammy Chmiel
Coordinator of Gift and Donor Services
Janet Christensen
Director of Student Accounts
Kara Christiensen
Assistant Director of Operations for the Ed.D. Program in Executive Leadership
Betsy Christiansen
Associate Professor
Marie Cianca
Associate Professor
Gabriela Cipriano
Media Support Specialist
Brian Cizenski
Former President and CEO, Urban League of Rochester, NY, Inc.
William Clark
Visiting Assistant Professor and Chair, Ed.D. in Executive Leadership
Shannon Cleverly-Thompson
Associate Professor, Core CACREP Faculty
Tamara Clingerman
Budget Analyst
Mental Health Counselor
Lee Cocco
Functional Lead Analyst
Residence Director, Ward Hall
  • Office:Ward Hall First Floor, adjacent to elevator
  • Phone:(585) 385-8103
Santazzia Collins
Assistant Director, Institute for Civic and Community Engagement
Emily Colliss
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Medication adherence, beliefs about medications, health literacy, patient-provider communication, and adolescent knowledge of over-the-counter and prescription medications.
Kelly Conn
Adjunct Faculty; Curator, George Eastman House
Kathy Connor
Associate Professor
Kathryn Connor
Network Administrator
Executive Director, Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing; and Dean Emeritus, Wegmans School of Nursing
Areas of Interest: Collaboration and coordination; health care teams
Dianne Cooney Miner
Visiting Assistant Professor, Language Proficiency Placement Coordinator
Luisa Cordaro-Mammano
Professor Emeritus
Robert Costigan
Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Program Evaluation
Areas of Interest: Gender equity; issues impacting children's health and education; educational administration/leadership
Caroline Critchlow
Mental Health Counselor
Digital Communications Coordinator
Patrick Crozier
Areas of Interest: Intersection of animal behavior, ecology, and physiology of a variety of bird species
Greg Cunningham
Visiting Assistant Professor and Program Director, Women and Gender Studies
Areas of Interest: US and global queer studies; disability studies; critical race theory
Lisa Cunningham
Adjunct Faculty
Visiting Assistant Professor
Chief Information Security Officer
Retired Chief Financial Officer of Monro, Inc.
Catherine D'Amico
Graduate and RN/BSN Clinical Coordinator
Leah D'Elia
Educational Technologist
Areas of Interest: Blackboard, VoiceThread, Turnitin, and use of iPads for teaching and learning
Emma Daitz
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Areas of Interest: Care of the obese patient in acute care, the role of the APRN in transitional care, chronic conditions, nursing advancement
Lori Dambaugh
Areas of Interest: Scholarship of teaching and learning, curriculum design, assessment, sport sociology focusing on gender, activism, and diversity.
Emily Dane-Staples
Electronic Document Specialist
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Excipient characterization and their pharmaceutical applications; contemporary approaches to enhance drug delivery (solubility, permeability, dissolution, etc.); non-invasive approaches to analyze tablet properties; research on extemporaneously compounded preparations.
Vivek Dave
Visiting Assistant Professor – Sport Management
Areas of Interest: American studies; Philippine-American studies; multiculturalism; World War II-Pacific theater
Sharon Delmendo
Associate Professor Director of Experiential Education & CPE
Areas of Interest: Experiential education, bioterrorism preparedness, mission trips with Global Volunteers, Phi Delta Chi, and antique marbles.
Keith Delmonte
Associate Professor
Alexander DeLucenay
Former Senior Vice President of Store Operations, Wegmans Foods Markets, Inc.
Jack DePeters
Circulation Supervisor
Richard Deverell
Senior Web Designer
Daniel Dickerson
Assistant Director of Residential Life
Bryan Diesenberg
Experiential Education Coordinator
Andrea DiGiorgio
Simulation Center Coordinator - Undergraduate
Crystal Dobri
Visiting Instructor
Areas of Interest: Psychiatric nursing; neurodevelopmental disability nursing; community and public health nursing; population health advocacy
Liz Dollinger
Assistant Director, Institute for Civic and Community Engagement; Adjunct Instructor
Lynn Donahue
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs
Areas of Interest: Adult/gerontology care, palliative and hospice care, cardiology
Colleen Donegan
Visiting Instructor
Kiernan Donofrio
Senior Staff Accountant
Brenna Donoghue
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Use of technology in education; NMR applications
Tom Douglas
Director of Development and Gift Planning
  • Office:Skalny Welcome Center
  • Phone:(585) 385-7337
Thomas Doupe
Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Visiting Assistant Professor of Executive Leadership
Office Manager
Kerry Driscoll
Assistant Dean of Online Education, Wegmans School of Nursing
Damien Duchamp
Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, PrimeGroup Insurance Inc. (PGI Inc.)
Kevin Dugan
Visiting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and Program Director, International Studies
Coordinator for Administrative Operations
Myya Dyes
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Measurement of student achievement and critical thinking gains through cooperative learning and inquiry-based interventions; curriculum development for courses that prepare education professionals for certification in elementary through high school.
Procurement Assistant
Kevin Ebeling
Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration, Administrative and Social Sciences
Areas of Interest: HIV/AIDS, Medication adherence, Health Disparities, Cultural Competence, Diversity, Inclusivity & Anti-Racism
Akesha Edwards
Adjunct Faculty
Visiting Assistant Professor
Bob Enck
Director of Academic Student Support
Michelle Erklenz-Watts
Adjunct Professor
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Effects of handheld electronic devices on resting head posture and cervical spine muscle activity
Jonathan Falanga
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Ann Marie Fallon
Circulation Supervisor
Visiting Associate Professor
Shawn Fellows
Graduate Resource Lab Coordinator
Associate Director Donor Engagement
  • Office:Skalny Welcome Center
  • Phone:(585) 385-5285
Katy Festa
Director of Student Financial Services
Marie Longyear
Administrative Assistant
Library Systems Technician
William Fischer
Fire and Life Safety Officer
Director of Student Leadership and Engagement
Assistant Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
Student Financial Services Counselor
Visiting Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration Community Pharmacy Practice
Areas of Interest: Advanced community pharmacy practice, public health, social determinants of health
Amanda Foster
Associate Professor
Lawrence Fouraker
Admissions Counselor / Multicultural Recruiter
Alex Fraguada
Information Coordinator
Tina Franklin
Professor and Chair, Psychology Department
Areas of Interest: Individual and group decision making; improving teamwork; organization development
Timothy Franz
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Adult and pediatric trauma; disaster response and management; acute and critical care medicine; education and curriculum design; simulation
Susan Fredrick
Sr. Systems Administrator
Purchasing Agent
Bard Fredericksen
Areas of Interest: Cell to Cell communication: Endocrinology, Pharmacology, and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Edward Freeman
Information Coordinator
  • Office:Skalny Welcome Center
  • Phone:(585) 385-8064
Core Fellow
Jonas Gage
Associate Professor
Mona Gandhi
Professor, Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
Areas of Interest: Mathematical games, actuarial mathematics, inquiry-based learning in mathematics
Ryan Gantner
Dean, Wegmans School of Nursing
Tricia Gatlin
Assistant Registrar and Veterans Coordinator
Monica Gebhardt
Instructor and Coordinator, Math Center
Anne Geraci
Student Financial Services Counselor
Kelly Gionta
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Areas of Interest: Health policy & management; child development; community-based participatory research; program evaluation
Terence Gipson
Assistant Director of Campus Safety and Security
Brock Glann
Ruben Gomez
Assistant Professor and Program Director, Athletic Performance Major
Sara Goodman
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Areas of Interest: Mindfulness. Application of mindfulness in the classroom, mindfulness and college student well-being and academic success, mindfulness and diversity
Melissa Goodwin (Ghera)
Leadership Annual Giving Officer
Areas of Interest: Alumni relations; partnering with organizations
Patrick Gordon
Director of Technology Support Services
Chad Goulette
Senior Systems Administrator
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Acute care, medicine in psychiatry nurse practitioner, chemical dependency, global health
Katherine Grams
Director of Student Conduct
David Graupman
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
Areas of Interest: Public Relations, Strategic Communication, Writing, Social Media, Crisis Communication, Marketing, Advertising
Melissa Greco Lopes
Instruction and Archives Librarian
Nancy Greco
Lab Manager
Jennifer Gantress-Green
Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Areas of Interest: Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations, Technology in Teaching Mathematics
Kris Green
Content Strategist
Ashley Greenman
Assistant Professor
Oliver Griffin
Chef De Cuisine
Wade Griffin
Undergraduate and Graduate Chair, Inclusive Education Program
Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Guerrier
Retired President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Atmos Energy
Michael Haefner
Mental Health Counselor
Briana Halloran
Assistant to the Dean, School of Pharmacy
Coordinator for Online Learning
Jill Hardy
Associate Registrar for Course Scheduling and Enrollment
Karin Harriman
Director of the Cybersecurity Program and Visiting Instructor
Interim Associate Dean
Areas of Interest: Intercollegiate athletic reform; youth sports; sport in communities
Todd Harrison
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Computer Security, Computer Survivability, Operating Systems, Mobile Agent Systems
Scott Harrison
Visiting Instructor
Visiting Instructor of Secondary English
Associate Director of Data and Reporting
Director of Experiential Learning and Outreach
Paul Hemingway
Administrative Assistant to Department Chairs
Dave Herbert
Program Director RN-BS Program
Pam Herendeen
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Bioremediation of lead-contaminated soil; plant-microbe interactions
Maryann Herman
Associate Professor
Susan Hildenbrand
Assessment and Online Program Librarian
Christina Hillman
Associate Professor
Art Hintz
Career and Academic Planning Advisor
Joey Hitchcock
Residence Director, Haffey Hall
  • Office:Ground Floor of Haffey Hall (adjacent to mailroom)
  • Phone:(585) 385-8283
Jared Hobson
Head of Library Systems and Subscriptions
Benjamin Hockenberry
Associate Professor
Monica Hodis
Visiting Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Pediatric and perinatal palliative and hospice care; pediatric and neonatal critical care; community health
Joy Hogan
Postal Services Assistant
Adjunct Professor
Areas of Interest: epidemiology, public health, and community health
Ashley Holub
Web Programmer/Analyst
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Molecular, cellular, and genetic analysis of development; neuronal function and behavior
Daryl Hurd
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Associate Professor
David Hutchinson
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Heterogeneous catalysis, shaped nano particles, reaction mechanisms on catalyst surfaces, computational modeling, electrochemical synthesis of ammonia.
Alexey Ignachenko
Assistant Professor
Chinwe Ikpeze
Dean Emeritus, School of Business Professor Emeritus, Department of Management/Marketing
Selim Ilter
TRIO Student Support Services Program Director
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Higher education; administration; preventative care for the underserved populations
Corey Jackson
Library Director
Melissa Jadlos
Adjunct Faculty
Areas of Interest: Recreation, youth sport
Human Resources Talent Manager
Megen Jankowski
Residence Director, Dorsey and Murray Halls
Joshua Jarema
President and CEO, VisitRochester
Donald Jeffries
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Jay Jermyn
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Identifying and addressing needs, gaps, and barriers in how we provide health care for people with complex, pediatric-onset conditions
Amy Jerum
Service Desk Analyst
Ward-Haffey Supervisor
Antwain Johnson
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Number theory, the role of technology in learning, K-12 and undergraduate mathematics education
Erica Johnson
Housekeeper C Shift
Associate Professor, Core CACREP Faculty
Areas of Interest: Sexual offender treatment, domestic violence perpetrator treatment, mental health wellness and prevention, experiential group counseling, and the use of metaphor in supervision
Rachel Jordan
Associate Professor
Kate Juba
Office Manager of Facilities
Assistant Professor
Ozge Kantas
Visiting Instructor
David Kassnoff
Career and Academic Planning Advisor
  • Office:Lavery Library, Main Level
  • Phone:(585) 385-8050
Christopher Keffer
Senior Major Gifts Officer
  • Office:Skalny Welcome Center
  • Phone:(585) 385-7216
David Kelly ’85
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Entrepreneurship
Isar Kiani
Director of Development
Norm Kieffer
LCSW-R; Director of the Health and Wellness Center
Rebecca Kieffer
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Chiral recognition studies; development of chiral ionic liquids for chromatographic separation of chiral compounds using GC
Irene Kimaru
Director of Network Services
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Wound care, care of patients with intellectual or developmental disability, nursing leadership, surgical oncology
Beth Kiss
President, JK Executive Strategies, LLC
Jill Knittel
Administrative Assistant to Faculty, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Office:Pharmaceutical Sciences Suite 317
  • Phone:(585) 385-5271
Lyndee Knowlton
Associate Professor and Director, Honors Program
Lauren Calimeris
Sr. Technical Support Specialist
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry with an emphasis on structure and bonding as they relate to the chelate effect and catalysis
Bradley Kraft
Executive Chef
Joel Kraft
Randall Krieg
Adjunct Faculty
Areas of Interest: Biological anthropology, paleopathology, archaeological field methods, artifact analysis
Adjunct Faculty
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
  • Office:Skalny Welcome Center
  • Phone:(585) 385-8064
Associate Professor and Chair, Marketing, Management, and Human Resources Management
David Kunsch
Associate Director of Academic Advising
  • Office:Lavery Library, Main Level
  • Phone:(585) 385-8321
Matthew Lake
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Accounting, auditing, business succession planning, business valuation, buy-sell agreements, estate planning and estate and gift taxes, equity markets and stock valuation, stock options
Hugh Lambert
Residence Director, Murphy Hall
Kaitlyn Latorre
Areas of Interest: Pharmacoepidemiology, post-market surveillance, secondary data analysis, pharmacoeconomics, population-based healthcare, managed care
Jill Lavigne
Office Administrator
  • Phone:(585) 385-8398
Associate Professor; Chair, Department of Political Science and Legal Studies
Sebastien Lazardeux
Sr. Technical Support Specialist
Assistant Vice President of Admissions
Stacy Ledermann
Visiting Assistant Professor of Nursing
Areas of Interest: Machine Learning & Data Science; advanced practice nurse-led community-based models of care; care transitions; heart failure care; impact of social determinants of health; lateral violence in nursing
Kathryn Ledwin
Associate Buyer, Men's Athletic Footwear, DICK’S Sporting Goods
Anthony Lee
Associate Professor
Nikki Leifker
Interim Assistant Dean School of Business and MBA Program Director
Kristin Lennarz
Assistant Dean of Assessment, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
Sean Leonard
Events and Reservations Coordinator
Kathy Leone
Sr. Systems Administrator
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Cardiac remodeling, developmental biology
Janet Lighthouse
Associate Professor
Jeff Liles
Financial Analyst
Associate Professor
Monica Cherry
Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest: Financial behavior; psychosocial attributes (Big Five personality, financial well-being/positive psychology); stock investment decisions; household bargaining power; asset decumulation; financial risk tolerance
  • Office:Salerno 236
  • Phone:(585) 385-8154
Yi Liu
Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance
Christopher Liucci
Adjunct Professor
Joseph Lopocaro
President/Owner, Skin Search of Rochester, Inc. and DermaSpa, Partners of Dermatology Associates of Rochester, P.C.
Janice Loss
Associate Professor
Barbara Lowe
Manager of Print and Mail Services
Jeremy Luke
Adjunct Professor
Areas of Interest: Global Health, toxicology, neuropharmacology, drug abuse, novel teaching methods and student programming
Melinda Lull
Syracuse Site Director and Visiting Assistant Professor
Daniele Lyman-Torres
Associate Provost and Professor
Eileen Lynd-Balta
Associate Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Religious Studies
Linda MacCammon
Director of Dining Services
Andrea Maccarone
Data Warehouse Application Architect
Wayn Machamer
Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Classical Studies
Areas of Interest: Medical ethics, business ethics, computer ethics, philosophy of religion, and popular culture and philosophy. He is the immediate past president of the Bertrand Russell Society and the former president of the Northeast Popular Culture Association.
Timothy Madigan
Gary Maggs
Assistant Professor of Sport Management
John Magliocca
Assessment Coordinator
Adjunct Associate Professor and Health Professions Advisor
Virginia Maier
Education and First-Year Program Librarian
Stacia Maiorani
Technology Solutions Manager
Leo Makosky
Catering Manager
Christina Maldonado
Assistant Director
Sarah Mancini-Goebert
Director of Campus Ministry
  • Office:Campus Ministry Center, 1st Floor Campus Center
  • Phone:(585) 385-8196
Kevin Mannara
Associate Professor and Dean, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education
Joellen Maples
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Prevention of unintentional injuries in children, concussion, factors that influence incidence of concussion and recovery, concussion and anxiety, return to school after concussion
Pamela Mapstone
Pastry Chef
Allison Marcello
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Academic Support Coordinator / Counselor
Chelsea Marshall
Assistant to the Dean
Carolyn Martin
Student Financial Services Assistant
Cassandra Martin
Associate Professor
Kermin Martinez-Hernandez
Diane Martz
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Acute care/hospital medicine nurse practitioner; global health and short-term medical missions; preparing nurses to take part in medical missions
Natalie Masco
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Virus host interactions; Influenza virus polymerase function
Jonelle Mattiacio